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A problem of fingers

As nothing worked, he tried to finger his wife. And that buried the relationship.

What was to be expected. Who is to blame?

I don´t know! And I have no need of learning about this!

She said she didin´t enjoy with him? That non sexists made her enjoy?

What happened?

Again, if an abuse happened I didn´t see.

They should just finger each other in the hiding of their bedroom and not bother other people.

I never saw from this standpoint, and these reasonings are new. This was not in my mind as a teenager.

Again, I saw mostly my mother violent, my father much less.

And I don´t see that I imitated my father. I was kind of independent. I thought by myself.

Yes I had problems.

But the best diagnose was that Cat Stevens` " you are young, that´s your fault" .

I felt too much exposed. I wanted to be invisible. I explained this ad nauseum.

Now, just leave me alone!

I´m not in the finger business! Therefore, I have nothing to do with this discussion!

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