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An interesting move

In the chess of history, one of the most interesting moves was the jewish decision of using their money and influence to promote their intelectuals and artists.

How to avoid persecutions long permeated the minds of jewish leaders.

Their first strategies were banking and occupying key positions. They noticed the efficacy of corruption and blackmailing.

But at a certain point, something more subtle happened.

They noticed if they had famous artists and intelectuals in their ranks this would eventually change the image of the jewish people. And that would easily pay all the investment.

Such that is true that you compare what was to declare yourself jew in the middle ages and now. From unscrupulous traders to refined sensible ones!

The propaganda warfare is ongoing, actually greater than ever.

Muslim people are usually losing. Although that is not everywhere in a general way the idea that west brings modernity and Islam the past is bought.

Also, the west sells they are more alligned with science.

However, these are not necessarily true.

As I said in other opportunities, non competion might be the future, where Islam would then be that.

And there is a pseudo science in our society. Where people buy that for example, when primitive societies speak about spirits, they are giving mystical explanations for what they lack empirical evidence.

But the field of mysticism is yet to be adressed by modern science.

And also someone needs to clarify.

Don´t buy propaganda!

The jewish move was inteligent and we appreciate it, but we don´t buy it, do we?

The problem at the end of the day, is not that jews are or are not more sensible. I believe they are just as everybody. But even if they were superior, even then they should not have more rights than the palestinians.

The times of the British empire are over.

We entered with the internet an age where propaganda is most powerful.

And more complex than ever!

I have no idea what to do about that!

I have no idea what jews or arabs or russians are devising in their think tanks or whatever.

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