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Campbell´s mistake

He was in a restaurant, and in the next table a boy refused a food. His father complained he had to do unpleasant things all his life, therefore his child could not allow pleasure to get so important, and eat whatever is on the table.

Campbell ( the famous Joseph Campbell) said he thought what a sad person that father should be, and alligned with the child.

But that father was correct!

Had I a child I´d like him to be open to frustrations in his life.

We can not bear a total adversity, that´s true, it is impossible to live out of all pleasure, but on the other hand the gretest pleasure comes from within, our tranquility, God if you will, and not an icecream all the time.

That is a thesis of this blog. The blessed one is who has few wishes, few needs, and perhaps mostly, doesn´t compete and fullfills his duty.

I believe pleasure seekers are doomed.

You´ll never have a dream life, you just try to make simple this one, and, with a bit of luck, this simplicity will allow you into happiness.

Somplicity perhaps has become absent in the US.

A search for sophistication now pervades the minds.

Campbell was correct when he spoke of following our bliss, because our happiness is the reason of our lives, but someone might understand bliss lies in our activities. It doesn´t! It comes when we feel part of the cosmos. As vague as this might sound.

But if we have five friends who do not compete, not only with us, in a general way, we will be happy.

Remeber the star wars, (partially written by Campbell himself) it was the force that won the battles, wasn´t it? So, we just avoid anger, as not to dive into the dark side, and we win.

Campbell was much better this time!

We all have that force, only it only calms us, it won´t make us that powerfull.

But being calm is enough perhaps.

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