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How do American psychologists talk to their women?

As they are open to the woman inside, they must have some magic, a seduction process, a honey tongue, or something the like.

I´d like to be enlightened into that, that will save my future marriage. And also my bank account, because these guys, they manage to earn not only the sexual favors, but the husband´s money also.

I remember my mother´s shrink. You need to relax, he said. And it worked well! She left her family for that, and paid him my father´s money.

These people are smart I agree! I´d like to learn from them, and be more attractive.

Once Freud said ," your uncounscious wish is to see Freud rich". I´ll never reach this level of smartness!

Is everybody in NY that clever?

I admire them so much! For me, down here, God is the answer, but they claim to have something better there, something I can not see as I am provincial or should I say, provincially chauvinist. I am here blind, some kind of latinality hinders my perception.

I used to think a man should be honest, but they now teach me I should be interesting. They can not be wrong, given their bank accounts!

How do they do to be interesting, or better, (I´m learning!) to sound interesting?

I used to think I should tell the truth, but one of them told me, you don´t do that, there´s a certain first date, where you should lie.

All of this escapes me. How is a first date? How do you start a relationship? How do you make relationships more profitable than God?

These are real sages, as they have unexpected solutions!

Here, with eastern values, I can see nothig, I lose an opportunity after the other. The women look the menu, smile and go away.

What are the magic words gentlemen?

What woke words you whisper in their ears when they blow job you?

The game seems to be fantastic. What do you do when you have to spend a night womanless? Or that never happens?

Tell me the secret gentlemen! I suffer so much here with my machismo!

What kind of cloth you wear? Is it important? The secret is in these details?

Do you have sex parties there in NY? What happens in these ocasions? Would you invite me for one of them? I don´t want to die curious!

I´d like to understand the incest. As it is our greatest desire, I suppose it is allowed in NY. And that´s my greatest curiosity: how do you avoid the law? That is the point. I know you intimidate the husbands of your clients, that I know, but how do you intimidate the police?

I think the highest point of your philosophy is this one. The way you avoid the law!

Oh, gentlemen, so much to learn from you!

My whole life in ignorance! In battles here to understand women, and withdrawing into these strange mysticisms, my defense mechanisms! Teach me gentlemen! What is more important than honesty? How do I free myself from spiritual ambitions?

Oh, gentlemen, please let me participate in NY night life!

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