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Do you need to share your life?

Life in the mountain sounds better with some company there. It is better to have friends than not.

But there´s a fever now that you need to share your life, especially your intimacy.

Well, that goes to romantic and gay people.

These psychologists claim they are more human, because they notice the need of the "other".

Then comes about a whole speech about diversity, because the "other" is there to give you precious feedback. As you depend on others, the more "others" the better.

Yes. But for romantics!

LIfe is better lived when you need not this feedback.

When you are well alone.

And when you just try to see yourself in the others, instead of this obsession about novelty , and interesting things.

This world is not that interesting, only for romantics. There´s some entertainment, but the best is beyond our sensoreal perceptions.

I´m along with the mountains and trees, much more than humans.

And that´s an advice: perhaps the greatest happiness is when you realize you are all you need.

I have been given horrible feedback all my life. The hard way I learned the lesson, but now I know it.

I don´t like the need for feedback. I like friendship a lot, but not because shared intimacies are a great pleasure for me. Mostly because I like offering a hand here and there. My friends and I we do not underrstand each other very well, we just feel the clouds above. My friends do not tell me what I am or what I am not.

Definitions come mostly from within.

I´m happy when independent.

And, oddly enough, it is the independent people the best for the whole. The best citizens.

Because we have some duty to society. Not because there´s an offer of an interesting night life. Just because God asks us to be honest and sympathetic.

We are happy to fullfill our obligations. Much more than because we identify with a certain politcal position, or art trend.

We are nothing.

And that´s no problem. Because only romantics think they are something.

This sounds bad, but my need for art is also limited. I don´t need much art into my life at all. Again, perhaps because I don´t need that feedback.

I don´t need the feeling so and so says such resonating things.

Nobody really resonates in me. Not even Lawrence.

A little he does. Perhaps just because he also needed not feedback.

I´d like to share my life. My house with my wife and child. But she´s more like myself than that romantic adviser.

I would ask, what are these intimacies? What is so important ? What are these insights the "other" gives to you?

I see nothing there.

These people speak a lot about sex. Well, all I need is an inviting smile. I need no previous talk.

I have no need of sharing my life with the woman there. If just the blow job is good that´s all.

I am very well alone.

And I think it is healthier not to seek for your other half.Because you won´t find it in this world. Your other half is God. He´s the only one who understands you, and the only one able to enlighten you about your life or yourself.

I am nothing.

And I need nothing.

There´s a flow of life. Enhanced by a music sometimes, and the smile of my wife. But any craving will interrupt the flow. Especially the craving for answers.

There are no answers. Not in this world.

I don´t need to share my life at all.

And I would say, now I don´t want to share it. I am traumatized by these psychologists.

I´m a lonely person by vocation.

All this about the" other" resonates nothing for me.

The unconscious. And the valuable information there.

Well, again , romantics view it that way. But the information there will only really matter if you consider yourself an individual. If you are the same as all, what is the point of the quest?

So, before the psychoanalisis, I think they should have asked me if I wanted a life of feedbacks.

I do not advocate a total absence of feedback.

But it is not my life style to give much importance to that.

If you could just leave me alone!

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