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Some people say, after reading Super Flumina Babilonis Lawrence fantasized participating in an important political event. Later, that happened. What a coincidence!

Not at all! Most of us have such fantasies.

It is about travelling. The soul needs to leave the body, and explore abstract places near the earth. The soul will try his best to convince the mind to let him travel. The mind resists. But for good people the urge is greater than the resistence. We travel!

A Brazilian homorist once said if we all knew the sexual thoughts of each other before sleeping nobody would face nobody the day after.

But these thoughts are the most ephemerous. With the orgasm they are all gone. Glory, in all it´s forms, endures much more.

If the reader is starting to blush that means he is a good traveller! If not, leave this text aside, your mind wins the war in your brain.

But for the perseverant my thoughts. This world is the worst part of our lives, and sadly, the most intense.

But tonight I´l visit my past. And change it all! One of the best fantasies! And I´ll go to the future, and tell everybody everything they deserve!

I do prefer outer space. After waking up, the disapointment. I´m in this planet.

But that´s what this life is about, isn´t it? This battle between mind and soul for our brains. The mind concerned mainly about the food we need to eat, and the soul about places it can rest upon.

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