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He will be back in August!

The biggest scam in American history!

For the first time, the common, honest, hard working american will have a voice!

We are sick of the woke speech!

Obama was so good looking, supportive of everybody, all the time a politically correct speech.

Did he close the facilities around the world used by the American secret services to torture their enemies, including political prisioners?

It is all false! They lie all the time!

It is easy to catch them.

A politically correct person would be expected to respect different points of view. But, only if you don´t contradict certain tenets of theirs that seem to have been given by God!

It is a very reasonable point that gay people might live worse, (not saying they live worse, but that that might be) , and therefore it is perfectely acceptable a father worried about some people teaching perhaps his only seven year old, that he should be aware he might be gay.

Well, I´m not saying this father is certainly correct, but that he has a point to be respected!

They will not respect this, they fail to be open as they claim to be.

The other day there was a questionaire in the internet about chauvinism. I answered it. I´m sure no answer was agressive or disrespectful. They were subjective questions, open to different interpretations. But at the end: you answered three questions wrong!

You see? These people are coercive, agressive!

My poor nephew is just four years old, a fantastic boy, with such good feelings, but here and there, coming from nowhere, he has to listen he has to respect more the girls. Even if he has done no disrespect at all! Even if for example he just repeats that I told him boys fight boxing better than girls! There´s a woke speech that prohibits him of saying that.

Well, do these woke people have ever worried about honest, good people, who might feel disrespected, not only that, quite often humiliated, excluded , by their speech?

No! They say these people deserve!

Have you noticed the tone of their speech?

It is sexual education! You see? Education . They claim they should educate people, that leaves no room for debate! If they are educating that means they know it all!

And that is how things indeed work!

If your son at school says " dad told me it is better to marry a woman than a man", which is a perfectly acceptable observation, the teacher, from the height of the woke speech authority, will tell him " well you need to teach your father to be more open". Or perhaps, more creative!

What I am saying is not that we should disregard gay people. But that there is an oppressive speech nowdays that claims to be building a better society for us all, but is not, because all all it brings is bigotry.

It is a divise speech. A dangerous speech. It carries hate.

If they are to be honest, the first thing is to open space for those who disagree with them.

There is an argument, quite often repeated, that to be chauvinist is "cultural".

What is the problem with that? Doesn´t every group of men in mankind history have a culture? Is it possible a human group with no culture?

But if you say such, they erase your opinion. You are not even allowed to say that! However reasonable your point!

There are forbidden words. Try to speak communism. Again, not that it is really the best solution, but if they are truly open, shouldn´t they at leats hear what you have to say?

Try to speak God. Check there in Freud what he thought about God!

And this goes further than a good man might think. Good people often think other people are also good, and quite often they miss the point.

The group of talkers I belonged to was founded by the ultra woke Richard Weingarten. However, a member who wanted to say schizophrenia was an out of the body experience was forbidden to do that! Because they said that was not science!

Well, let´s see this carefully. There´s actually no science proving the oppositte, so, it was a merely authoritative remark!

But things go further. I once complimented a guy for being well with no medicine taken at all. I was reprehended for that!

What can we conclude?

That woke person there, at the end of the day, was at the services of the pharmaceuticals! Even if not aware of that!

It is all weird! I was never allowed to talk about what I felt from taking those drugs. Wouldn´t that be a part of giving voice to the patients?

And we all know the pharnaceuticals just want money.

But, then, I can not say that! I was threatened when I tried to say that!

And then we see how this woke speech quite often aligns with evil people.

But what is behind? Who sponsors this?

That is not an easy question to answer.

But we should know ideas are as important as weapons.

Not only now, during all human history.

What I suspect is that in that famous room, that of the " haves and the have more", they think that to keep their money safe, these ideas are good.

Perhaps communism is still their greatest fear, and the best against communism is the woke speech.

If that is true, and it might be, the common american citizen who in the best of intentions, tries to encourage his boy to be a man, is for that excluded and disrespected, beacuse of a fear of those riches they have of communism.

I suspect they don´t like religion either.

I think that´s how things work.

The woke speech was not elaborated by honest philosophers. It was by marketers.

It is all propaganda warfare.

There is a simple fact. It is unfair the amount of the american income in the hands of those few people. It certainly is unfair. How to keep the mob silent? Don´t be naive to think this not in their minds! It is not beacause you are honest that they also are!

They make calculations there!

And I don´t really know all the calculations about the woke speech. Especially regarding the internal politics of the US.

But there are ceratainly interests there.

And its a fact they are coercive, and doing a lot of damage to the mental health of so many around the world.

It is a crime to try to make an homossexual of someone who is not. That is vilolence! They tried this with me , and they will try that with your son. The idea doesn´t come from science, the idea comes from that room.

The woke speech is bigotry. And it silences a lot of honest americans.

You vote for Trump because he seems to address better the blue collor people interests.

But he´s a bad person because he is not woke.

The point is the debate should be other.

He might be a bad choice, but not because he is not woke!

The bigotry will then come from the other side. And we can´t blame them.

People will vote for Bolsonaro. They certainly will. He seems to be honest. The left wing candidates just repeat a speech of making my child gay!

Woke people deserve to see Bolsonaro there!

He lies just as everybody, but as he doesn´t repeat the woke speech he sounds more authentic!

We are all sick of all this coercion! We are all sick of people saying we can not tell this or that joke! Women love jokes!

These people are not the owners of the truth.

At the end of the day, schizophrenia refers to out of the body experiences. Psychonanlisis is not the best therapy at all. The pharmaceuticals indeed only want money. And we should not be surprised with the election of right wing candidates. Common citizens are always deceived, but they are thinking something. And here they smell all the bigotry of this pseudo left wing people.

We should stop judging people by an up to date speech or not. That is pettyness at the most. Honesty should be the pattern.

What if the only idea in that room is to divide society? For some reason they found there.

Then, all the honest people, both religious and gay activists they are just caught on the trap. Instead of battling those riches they battle each other!


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