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How to be yourself

That is the offered course in these somber chambers that haunt my memory, and will never leave me. Forever the nightmare my rationalism was but a defense mechanism. Forever a lier. Forever imature. Forever just a copy of my father, a person not initiated in the mysteries of nowadays artists.

We just wanted to help you be yourself!

Right. What is me?

I´m a blank sheet. There´s nothing there!

I play with a ball, as if I were a football player, fantasizing a game in my mind. I´m none of the players, and the teams sometimes not even exist.

I did this as a child and up to my adolescence. It is strange, this should have stopped at the age of eight or nine.

But I still do that.

I was supposed to be working my chauvinism out of me, as to better talk to women.

But I only think of beautiful goals, and dribles, and passes.

My brain has dried long ago.

I have no unconscious. Drives for this or that.

I wish nothing. I think nothing.

A blend of a four year old and an eighty year old.

Ah, but we see your father in you more than he should, there´s evidence for that!

Right. What father are you speaking about? The one up there for sure. The one here more like a projection of yours.

No trespassing! That is the moto now.

Brahma saves. You all sell these depths, of Freud and the like, about sexuality and our feminine side.

Young read about it in Chinese texts , and projected it all. It is not about a woman inside, it is about fatalism. And then, the surreality, people should dedicate efforts to be gay. You have to be under as to understand women better.

Is that the course? I suspect so. An interbreeding of brothels and greedy empty thinkers fathered psychoanlisis.

Sure, no sense in life but sex, provided you are blind to other worlds.

The final discovery of yourself lies in your anus.

Whereas my self is my atman. Outside. Far from these torture chambers.

Who am I ?

A brazilian writer put well. At morning his bell rang. He asked who was there, the man said, nobody, just the milk deliverer.

That is true. We are nobody.

Ah, but that milk man was attached to his father, had he done psychonalysis he´d be more confident.

The more we dive in these ideas, the more we notice it is all about seduction. They don´t confess but in their unconscious Casanova is the hero, not Freud.

They have just an obsession, which is being confident you can seduce. Believe me, there´s nothing there beyond this! To help you being yourself means they will make you confident your significant other will utter murmurs of pleusure.

That is the whole wisdom of these sorcerers, a term actually too complimentary for them, given their african counterparts.

I trust those ones! It is the male inside for God sake!

It is about being in peace, no drives bothering us!

What are these drives?

At the end of the day, it is just about different positions and partners.

You could ask the pundits among them what they are.

Well, I think I am a liberal. Mostly I enjoy NY, the gay bars, and Woody Allen´s movies.

It never goes beyond that.

It is a cosmetic culture. About yur image, your sex appeal.

You should trust yourself.

That only means you have sometimes to risk a little in your flirtings.

To learn who you are, is to learn how to wink.

But sadly, that has consequences.

That new yorkers are more appealing, mexicans too manly, do not seduce so well.

So, mexicans clean the toilets whilst anglo saxons enjoy parties of interesting people.

How many of those psychoanalised improved their artistics skills?

Less than one per cent. What they learn is the woke speech. And it works, as it is a selfulfillig prophecy. The potential bed sharers know they should abide to woke speeches.

La nave va.

Fidel Castro too manly, Kadafi a wooden person, the profits of GM not questioned!

And the world turned into a consumerist society.

God now is a projection of people who could not get rid of the fatherly influence.

I´m there. I believe in God, and only God.

And for me,following these thoughts, the hairdresser actually is more important, should earn more than the shrinks, were not them of darker skins.

La nave va. Unless we stop it.

The true self is nothing but the perception of it´s nothingness.

As the wise people worldwide know all too well.

The choice is on the table. Between God and perfumes. Between integrity and luxury.

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