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Internal affairs of the US

Many people in the US do not buy the woke speech. And they should not. The ultimate argument is that wokeness is useful in mental health issues.

It is not. For avoiding paranoy the best is not to be competitive.

(Actually I suspect this is known of alcoholic people for long)

Woke people needed the reason I was good in facing paranoy was the wide scope of my sexual interests.

Why would a man like this marry by agreement and a muslim woman untolerant of infidelity?

That doesn´t make any sense.

I don´t know what the hell they are saying now. But it is impossible they are consistent.

Logic is indeed helpful against paranoy. As anyone would intuitively say.

And religion. So many people around the world recover from drug addiction thanks to their faith.

And I need to be honest. I woke up in the morning after a worse person. The wish of repeating also made me a worse person. A great deal of my insecurity comes from that. My difficulty in trusting people to a great extant comes from that. And a great miscalculatiuon almost came from that: there is a sensoreal pleasure, and also a pleasure from being humiliated, but the harm is far greater than the benefit. To engage in over humiliating sexual practices leads the brain to obscure places. And it will take a lot of work to avoid these experiences to make you indeed less sympathetic, supportive of all those who are the true meaning of your life. Nobody should experience sex so early. When these people say sex between children is better they are simply wrong. And yes, had it been a woman the abuser the abuse would had been smaller. Yes, homossexuality is heavier than heterossexuality. If somenoe wants to follow that, it is not my business, but it seems a serious choice. At least from what I lived I´d not advocate that, unless that is truly yor nature, and you don´t feel all the humliation I felt. Again, I´m not an adviser to anyone, this is more like spewing against nonsenses that I heard and hurt me, but when the humiliation and perhaps even the fisical pain have such importance I don´t think it is really a good experience. Every time I fantasized these things I reached the orgasm but I regreted the fantasy. It was an organic thing. During most of my life the clozapine inhibited my orgasm, and it led me to a wrong approach of sex. When I fianlly could feel a true woman all of that faded out. Believe me abuses, porn videos, they may provide some orgasms, but there´s something better! And consider the fact that that woman was a professional, and therefore it is likely I have not yet experienced the best of it. What you see in the internet and what you hear from some authorities in the matter is pure bullshit. If you are like me, with no partner, maybe you think those videos are the best thing. They are not.

Being a good person has nothing to do with being open to diffrent sexual experiences. That was just the wish of some woke people.

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