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Is ethics fundamental?

My enemies did the possible and the impossible to make me say it is not that much.

More important for them is to satisfy some egoistic drives we all have. The ethical life will never be achieved, you will only be one more unhappy frustrated person as so many who forgot their artistic side in human history.

There are certain sofisticated people in the US who undertand about art, and ultimately should not be subject to the law.

Freedom is the value, above ethical concerns.

Well, that is not the America I liked. I liked Kevin´s father in the wonder years, Henry Fonda in the grapes of wrath, John K Galbraith and so many others who put all of themselves in the pursuit not of an interesting life, albeit the pleausure of that , but in leading an honest conduct.

The three above were democrats, but also democrats are my jailers.

I lost the battle long ago. I tried to say ethics was paramount, but my own mother informed I thought otherwise, and would thank all those who broke my basic rights in the name of a more interesting life.

The fat one claims to be the most interesting adviser I might have, and therefore all the broken rules were not that important.

There is no ethics. That is pretending. Humans have egoistic drives to be fullfilled, and that is how things go. Especially in sex. At the end of the day the only subject they like to talk about.

All is sex they say. All is pleasure. Ethics is artificial. It won´t work !- they say.

You are born dissonant to society. Humans have to break rules, because that is the nature of the human being.

I once said modern philosophy is an effort of erudite people to prove their reading experience is more valuable than the life experience of the garbage man.

I want to be remembered for that.

The garbage man wins. He regards life as a cooperation, while those intelectuals are lost in competition.

They need to be superior. The money is not enough. They need some philosphical justification of their superiority. And they come with this story that art matters more than righteousness.

Well, that might be among them, but they won´t make me say something I disbelieve.

The basis for ethics is that we are not here to compete but to help each other.

And the non competitive, ethical person in my non humble opinion is the happy one.

This story of art is just a subterfuge to justify they don´t work at all. There are some darker ones, not so talented who should clean the toilet.

They will never be happy. The disregarder of the other´s rights and needs will suffer in this very life, needless of a divine judgement.

The unconscious. The wish for your mother.

They claim this all the time. That is their flag.

Well gentlemen, the hidden unconcscious is simply a wish for peace, innerward and world wide.

And the idea of incestuous desires in a child came to Freud moments before he fell asleep, in that confusion, and he wrote that the next day, and then smart jews took that for their own propaganda. That is the story of psychoanalisis.

You will never make me say I want to concede my ass to break all rules and only then be happy.

Gays are superior. They have more needs. People of more needs, who enter into conflict with the established morality are the ones to be followed. Our leaders are the unquiet.

No more laws! That only inhibits the creativity of those who should decide the future of us all.

Gentlemen, there is no God! Do you know what God is? He is your father. Not Jesus´, your own human father. He stopped your hand when you tried to reach your mother´s breast when you were a child, that traumatized you, and now as an adult you make strange associations and from that you create this idea of God. There´s nothing out there! Forget about it! Learn how to appreciate a penis that you do better.

Well art is not the word. Sex is. We are talking about libido. Let´s be open. It is about drives. Certain needs everybody has. You need to lead a creative life. Explore your wives feet. The tongue of your dog. A corpse. And so forth. Then you will be a good citizen. Those not so creative get frustrated and they are the danger!

Do you see those musilm terrorists? Do you know the motivation? It is not the fact that their child was killed and their brother tortured. It is because Islam inhibits them to have more creative lives!

Who doesn´t like art?

It is not that the point. I am criticizing the way they use the word.

Because it becomes a justification of their privileges. The system is good beacuse it is free. If you advocate a better income distribution, that is bad, beacause that harms the freedom!It will inhibit the beautiful cultural life of NY!

But that is all false!

The best possible art is a picture of the garbage men working.

To remind you all to be humble, and non competitive.

Honestly speaking, I do think someone who earns a misery, and does everything correctly, and only cares about the future of his children, is indeed a better example than an artist who is a connosseur of exotic sexual practices.

The video they most want to release, is the one of those women having sex with horses. To say I am resilient because I am like them, an explorer of sex, not a seeker of justice.

What is final for the discussion is that human nature is one of cooperation and not competition.

People with schizophrenia suffer most because they have a low status and start seeing competition everywhere all the time.

By the time he realizes there´s no need to compete he is healed.

That is the irony. The very cure of schizophrenia lies in the perception that competition is wrong, not in the discovery of unsuspected artistic talents.

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