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Jewish propaganda

The best explanation so far.

I was expected to air a speech useful in the propaganda warfare against communism and islam.

When that didn´t happen true faces appeared. No longer understanding psychologists, but poisoners of my father.

They were in trouble. They are now more.

The US is supposed to be a free country. But of what freedom are they speaking? Perhaps the only true diffrence from most of the world , is the possibility of being gay in some circles there.

Therefore, it is very likely this is what they want to hear from me.

What at this height would be the best statement for the jews?

That I am gay!

What else?

Well, I am not.

That means the war is won?

Not at all. They might have some substance there to make me say that.

That´s how things go.

Both their enemies are less competitive and therefore superior. That makes my situation worse.

I could not anticipate,this was never the life I wanted, however so many before found themselves in such traps.

Stoically speaking: do I have any reason to think I´ll enjoy the peace I want in that mountain?

I have some chances of that. But I may lose.

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