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No Trespassing!

I´m off to Passargada, where I´m friends to the king, have the best of lovers, and most of all I can put the warning: No Trespassing!

Untill a few days ago, I knew the words but was not sure about the meaning. When I saw I fell in love. No trespassing!

Oh God, all those torturing me because I was chauvinist, all those smart woke people, all those LGBT people horning on my ear I had to talk about sex, all the pride of western thinkers, now fianally I can keep it all at a distance.

I´ll leave somewhat far, there will be a fence, a dog, and the locals instructed to say yonder the valley nobody lives.

I´m happy just to think about!

Farewell gentlemen!

No trespassing!

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