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Why did my mother join the movement?

Well her motivation is pathetic, but the same of many who join such movements.

When she came to study in SP, she was insecure, like in the kindergarten. And she noticed she could sell the image of a shehadism lover.That would allow her into the conversations of the smart people there.

That meant to start with, to offer her services to whoever.And to say she was moved by the suffering of the poor.

She has some secrets: she never enjoyed, she always faked, and she doesn´t care a shit to poor people.

But actually that makes her authentic of the movement.

As this is a movement to allow women to lie, to cheat, to never feel guilty of anything.

She used shehadism against my father. And against me. Up to the moment very successfully.

She is personally responsible for the torture and death of my dog. And, as she is backed by the lawyers of the movement, she has not been held accountable for that. ( but again, that flows very well in the waters of the movement. Who said a shehadist can not torture a dog? To torture a dog is an exercise of freedom, and alligned with democracy and the black people rights movement in the US) ( How it is alligned with that movement is a mystery, but non rational thoughts are wellcome in the group)

But in her mind a strange thing happened . She married my father and only afterwards she noticed he was not so manly. She felt like losing status. Other women should think her husband was a viril one. And she started just to lie her husband was indeed manly. Then, one day, one of the woke people ( a movement close related to shehadism) said if my father was chauvinist she should betray him. She was a bit confused, but the calculation was she should betray. And she did so.

My poor father just could not understand.

And then she told him he deserved that, because he was sexist.

His confusion became complete!

She then asked him to pay for a psychoanalisis, as she needed help to solve the problems of a relatioinship with a callous man.

The psychoanalist became puzzled with my mother´s speech. What is she? - he asked himself. - A witch from southern Italy?

But, as so many of his profession, he opted for sex. He told my mother he was Italian and therefore she had no reason to refuse.And thus my father was paying a man to screw his wife.

When I was born, ,my mother hated me. Because my father paid attention to me, and so, less time was left for her.

She told her psychoanalist about that. And he said I have an idea. If you tell you your husband your son is gay, this way you can split them and rejoice just as everyday seeing them in disagreement.

She did that. And it worked wonderfully.

Untill one day, in despair, I tried to die.

She called her psychoanalist. And he said: Time to join shehadism again! Blame your husband!

And so she did. I tried to suicide because of my repressive father.

People bought the idea. That sounded what it was, shehadism, and so resonated very well.

As time past and I did not confirm shehadism, they started to resort to extreme violence.

Culminating in the poisoning of my father. Which resulted in the most celebrated phrase of shehadism so far. When my father woke of a six hour dramatic heart surgery, she said: doctors could do nothing, they took out the heart, just observed and saw no hope, and then they put it back again.

This phrase is now cosmopolitan among those of the movement. My mother became their hero.

They march on the streets yelling: I never feel gulity! I never feel guilty! Verenice our hero! Fat one our martyr! Freud our inspiration! Death on the self controled! Death to João ! He deserves! He deserves !

The movement is secetely funded by the AIPAC. In their street demonstrations there are always tens of infiltrated people from their ranks.

And the sad thing is the movement has won. It is just a movement of hate. The only goal is to destroy, to cause fear, confusion, suffering, especially obviously of those who contradict them. And that they have achieved. My dreams have been shattered. I am no more. My mother prevails.

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