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There´s a dangerous movement now. The shehadism.

The deputy once commented to his staff: look the size of her pystol!- and laughed.

That was the beginning of the movement.

Later, she saw no chance I´d copulate with her. So, she came with a story of decontrol superiority. A despaired trial of seducing me.

And that eventually evolved to my psychological torture.

When I declared to be rational and fatalastic, that contradicted certain tenets of the shehadism.

Such as a freedom to lose control, to be unpolite, to be competitive, to demand more rights than other people, to feel superior, to mistreat others, and so forth.

The problem of shehadism is that it needs to be kept inside the psychologist´s office.

Outside you have to behave yourself.

That will be the end of shehadism.

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