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Speech of the moderna ceo

Together with experts of the Wall Street Church, we have developed a machine that assesses the evilness in a person.

There were shocking results. It turned out João´s mother is a saint, in the mission of erradicating rationalism from the world.

In this machine, Jesus would score nothing, and normal people between eight and forty five per cent.

João scored 95, and his father 96.

The fact is, when anyone scores more than ninety, it means we are dealing with the devil himself.

So, to save the world, we have killed them both.

And the lesson remains. Whenever a person is a fanatic of rationalism, we can know for sure it is the devil operating.

Should anyone consider this article irrational, the person will be arrested for investigation.

And , as we are dealing with the devil, previous to the interrogation, the person will spend three hours under electric shocks, as to tire the devil inside, and avoid the deceiving argumentation.

We are now in a better world, where only feelings count, and nobody thinks in a Socratic manner any more.

Remember Socrates lived in the greatest democracy ever, and he was convicted to death.

Athenians were trying to stop the devil´s work on earth. But the devil put João to finish Socrates´ work.

From now on, we are going to live in a truly free world, free from the chains of rationalism.

And the population can feel safe, as we have developed methods of perceiving threats to the order of this world.

Let´s celebrate a new chapter in human history, where there´s no more room to fanatic rationalism!

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