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The age of uncertainty

Very perceptively Galbraith called that our age. There´s a similar phrase by TE Lawrence: the arabs are a dogmatic people, dispising doubt, our modern crown of thorns.

To whose interests? As the romans would say.

I believe mainly in the interests of avoiding debates.

If the most mature are the doubtful ones, debates likely will lead nowhere. Because should they, commnists, anarchists, muslim, hindu, buddhists would all outperform psychoanlists, the voices of American intelectuality.

In a strict logic approach not even of our act of thinking is a certainty.

However there´s a need of agency. We can not stay just meditating, someone has to work. And to work some level of sureness is required.

There´s logic for that.

One necessary step of logic we all need is to acknowledge the need of our ancestors wisdom.

A study of that will bring the necessary certainty to move us forward.

And we can infer happy are the non competitive. Happy are those who crave for nothing. Happy are those who perceive the transitorial character of all material things. Happy are the respectful. Happy are those who do not abuse power.

And it is clear that leans to the left.

Americans will say no, that´s repressive, not wise.

I say they are repressive. God is the geatest source of happiness. Even if you don´t notice him.

Americans will say happiness is sex. And for that matter you need to learn to be understanding of the needs of your partner. And that´s a content life.

Well, my friends, I don´t know what they are talking about.

I try not to be coercive to anyone. I try to respect everybody. I don´t know what is good or bad sex.

I know I felt humilated and I don´t want to humiliate whoever.

I think a couple that is respectful of ancient wisdom will likely understant each other even in bed.

This story of administrating well your feelings, to respect the other´s is too vague for me.

I don´t think that way. I trust that an empty mind will likely do good.

And for that matter noticing everything passes is perhps enough.

It is not about freedom. It is about respectfulness. It is about being fair.

If you want to make Filocrates rich, diminish his desires.

But we all know that to make Bob Bob´s happy we have to intensify his wishes.

Above all, we have to enlighten him on the arts of gayhood.

The problem is there are some rules. Those societies I like do not chase the gays, but also are not apologetic of them. Because they live too close to humiliation and abuse. Too close to a life of hedonism.

God is the best answer. And we need some certainties.

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