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The American Dream

Most antagonists argue it is simply not available to the majority.

But if that is promised to you, why the refusal?

Haven´t you been all your life a second class citizen? And now you don´t accept to be a first class one?

What is your point? Are you masochist?

Is there something you wish to say that you haven´t?

Is it your father?

It is nothing like that. I do agree that would be a good life. All the suffering of the world and I would complain just because some gay people say I´m a coward not to assume myself?

What is that compared to the life in Gaza or in the slam near here?

I fully agree.

But the problem is first in Rishikesh I also have all the material life I need. There are many good places to eat there.

And second, fame is pretty much illusion. I need friends more than public applause. I don´t really fantazise autographing books in NY libraries.

And third the offer to work with such and such and so and so doesn´t appeal to me by the simple fact that I do not regard myself as an artist. I´m a logician.

And I calculate I need to be detached from my fame.

Yes, that would be likely possible in the US. But it is easier in India.

The fat one keeps saying it is because the psychoanalisis is not over. There´s something yet to surface.

Well, news will keep coming always. Reality changes, emotions also, and therefore an article every once in a while will be produced.

And who am I to say I will never change my mind.

However, for the purposes of agency, I have some certainties. They are not as definitive as the coming of day and night, but I do rely on them. A certain isolation is wellcome. Therefore, the cottage there seems a good choice.

I don´t like agitation in a general way. I am a moderate person. I don´t like the spot light.

The mountain seems pleasant!

Ah, but the feed back in the US! Of intelectuals, politicinas, artists, are you throwing all those opinions on the garbage? Who do you think you are? They do have some good observations.

That may be true. But the help to reach Brahma is the most desired. Maya comes second.

The fat one keeps saying these are rationalizations to hide something. Probably that I still pay tributes to my father.

I do ponder, even after all that´s gone, about his opinions. But as far as I notice, the decisions are much more from my own heart.

I think the fat one will never understand the pleasures of Maya are not so important.

She will never sign my manumission.

And so, I ask the court to withdraw the need of her signature. There were facts unkonown to the folks who made the documents by the time they were made. New evidence points to the fact there´s no rationality in the fat one´s decisions, this a new fact, not present back then, and therefore the document needs to change.

My request is Sadghuru is the signature needed.

Based on the fact that he knows me better than the fat one, or the American psychologists.

The question is over. All is said and done. The winner takes it all.

Competition is bad. That is my contribution.


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