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The end of meritocracy

One of the most used arguments against socialism is that people who work harder won´t be rewarded for that.

Actually, that´s true. However the great majority would put effort for themselves and for the group, out of a possible shame.

Imagine a family. There are the parents and four children. If three of the children are working, it would perhaps be possible for the fourth one not to do anything, and survive at the expanses of the others. That may even happen ocasionally, but usually the four work.

So, if society is made of comunities, the same sense of shame would put people to work.

If there´s a plantation to be cared, and if by the time of reaping it one of the workers is absent, chances are he will feel uncomfortable, and will give up his idleness.

What critics of socialism ignore, is that when competition is absent, we have better citizens, people who will know the importance of the group.

We don´t need any law obliging all to work. Because it is of the human nature to be collaborative. People will perceive that joining the companions in their tasks is actually happier than staying useless.

Man is collective by nature. Meritocracy is an invention of the elites.

Let´s share it all!

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