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The fear lover

What led her there?

This strange place visited and inhabited by dark spirits

Where she was inspired to threaten her own son

What kind of badly solved Oedipus complex?

What kind of childhood trauma?

Is there an explanation for that?

She rejoices to see her son afraid

She conspires to that

Since he was born probably

When he robbed his father´s attention

She would not forgive him for that

Such a strange pride!

Such strange needs!

What kind of guilt may a newborn have?

What kind of mother hates her own newborn?

What strange needs!

The japanese was smart. He said she was admired by japanese mothers. She then did anything for him.

The status is all. Like eternity, the holy graal!

What happens in her mind that her status overcomes just as everything?

She is a schizophrenic in his worst

Most of them eventually notice the emptiness of the competition

But she doesn´t

She is not far from death now

No time left for corrections

Perhaps now she wishes to die before the disclosing

She knows what she did

And she doesn´t want to see my face

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