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The feedback people

Now in the west they come with this idea we all should live on the basis of feedback.

With this they mean it is bad to feel independent.

This is a question of degree, likely.

There are people who need it more, and others less.

In my life I was cast away because I´m one of those who need very little of it.

But I´m not wrong.

Actually, I think most humans are more akin to me than to these psychologists.

Because this obsession about what comes from "others" is mostly a romantic thing.

These people will spouse a possible interesting feedback. Whereas for me, the honesty of my wife is more relevant.

What is this precious feedback? What are they talking about?

Mostly, these people want to look sexually atractive, and the feedback for them assumes disproportions because if that is what you want from life well then you will need feedback.

But if you think different, if friendship is your goal, than reading the bible will perhaps be more profitable than the hints of your partner, or whoever you judge " interesting".

Most of human history is about non erotic love. Only romantics came with the importance of erotic love.

The hedonistic people. All is sensoreal pleausure. They say all their pleasures are of the same order. The libido theory.

And they are! Because pleasure for them is always of the quality of "interesting" things.

Either literally into sex, or in other activities they are always in the business of the mundane.

Freud said all pleasures have a certain resemblance. They all have. They are all worldly. Because he ignored other worlds. God. One of the greatest damages to modern psychology was the total absence of spirituality in Freud. He did not know many religious people are honest about their transcendental experiences.

Non erotic love is uninterested. And with no specific object. It is something there inside that will manifest today in your nephew, tomorrow in your dog, and the day after tomorrow in your tree.

Non erotic love is the best thing. You do not approach a tree expecting it to enlighten you on the best t shirt to dress up.

The feedback there is of another sort. It is a mystical feeling the tree shares something with you and from that you feel like you belong to the cosmos.

And that is peace.

Then comes the psychologists and says, well peace is good, but I want you to move.

Why do you want me to move?

Because it is Freudian you should engage in the world.

Well it is bagadhavian I should not.

But that´s not a life! You mean you want just to sit still?

That´s exactly what I mean.

But what is the fun of that?

To feel I belong. Not much more. But superior to sex, I assure you.

But all Americans oppose that.

I know that. That´s the reason God talks to me and not to them.

These people oppose peace. It seems we are a species doomed to be agressive.

And that is true. If you are romantic!

It is high time these folks who elaborate questionares on your personality ( euphemism for your sexuality) add there a possible answer is you are "aromantic".

This is a new choice I request be available in society.

It goes like this. You offer a lot of possibilities the questionee should identify with or not.

If he identifies with nothing, he is aromantic.

And there should be a commentary in the end: your choice is the best! ( as the aromantic is smarter, he will know this goes for all the answers, but at least that will be polite)

How come? You don´t have a personality?

Yes sir. I have not.

Not even a political ideal? An artistic preference?

I do have those. But I know they are all ephemeral.

I don´t understand!

I know that. The reason I´m wise and you not.

But you mean that if you talk to a psychologist you will ask him nothing?

Not quite. One or two questions. Lest he feels disrespected.

How can you be so arrogant?

I´m not arrogant. I think you are. Because you think you are one of a kind, something special, a person God spent more time creating. And I think ultimately I´m just like anyone else.

I don´t buy that! You may say that, but you don´t live like that!

Well I do sir. And so do most who you by yourself find likeable.

Why that?

Beacause the evil to be tackled is not monotony, it is competition. You say your life without your sexual adventures is dull. And that´s true. Because that´s the outcome of a competitive mind.

Competitions move me forward! Competition made the US!

Those are illusions. Much like a deal with the devil. You win the competition, but you lose your soul.

Who gives your feedback? Where does all this arrogance come from?

An arrogant is someone who thinks he knows something he doesn´t. Much more a discription of yours. Such is true you want to change me, whilst I have no need of changing you.

But what reassures you?

Nothingness does. I´m nothing, and when I contemplate the emptyness that gives me confidence.

Ah. There are no inner contradictions! Nothing to be worked!

There might be sir. But not that relevant. And ephemeral ones. Trouble comes, but goes away. I think you are sad because you put your happiness into other people´s hands. You came with this story of an extreme need of sociablity, you only exist if you can see yourself in the mirror of other´s opinions, and that is your disgrace. These ideas came from people who felt excluded from the Bible. In their anger all discipline was called bad, a new life was divised, based on your relationships, not on God´s words. Pleausure and interesting became the moto. Guilt was banisehd. But all they gained was a slavery much worse than religion, the slavery of competition. The mother of all paranoy.

I think you are crazy!

Well you do. But all the rest is with me. The non competitive heroes. The survivors of alcoholism, wars, sadic mothers, dispise, prejudice, injustice. All the true survivors of the world are with me. We just chat. The magniloquence of romanticism is set apart. The malitiousness of slang we do not share. We just say our ideas. If we have any. And a certain joy of living acompanies us, coming form undetectable sources.

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