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The liberal speech

A gay person has the right to live in peace. Who may doubt?

However, highlighting freedom to the detriment of social justice, is bad.

I said and I repeat just because freedom has a good sound that doesn´t mean and shouldn´t be used to the oblivion of the unfair income distribution.

And more, I said and I repeat, this word is time and again used to damage the image of Islam. A religion with so much to contribute to the building of a better, non competitive society.

It is more important the idea of equality.

And in a non competitive society, I would add, no reason there would be to meddle into the sexual life of whoever.

Even the problem of sexual prejudice would be better solved extinguishing competition.

It is the stress that we live in that leads people to opress inocents, like gays, left wing activists or me.

The stress being smaller, a lot of problems can be solved.

I don´t think a liberal speech will solve racism. Some people feel their way of life is threatened. That leads them to attack black people´s rights activists.

But that only happens because we are all under stress.

Some Jews think judaism is endangered by Palestininans.

It is not. Jewish culture is likely the best preserved and sheltered in the world.

But people fear a mob of unsensibles will prevail over their sophisticated way of being.

I know what these people feel. If I think of my nephew studying in the same school as those of the slam near here, I also am concerned.

My whole life the mob of unsensibles troubled me.

It still does!

However, striving against the left is misperceived as a solution.

In my opinion, it is better to give everyone the so craved food garantee. And build non competitive values.

It is impossible to never compete. Sometimes that will happen.

But I look likeable because I avoid comparisons.

And if you examine nice people, usually that´s the reason of their likeability.

Ponder about that.

Try to see that in your own life. The time you don´t need to prove anything no more, is the time of your freedom. Your true freedom. Not the one you pretend to have repeating common places.

The mob of unsensibles is such a ghost. Also for me!

And even worse is they look more resilient and manly.

But we all will be more manly just not needing to compete!

Imagine you and your family safe. Not worried about your financial future, and better, not worried about losing the pleasant barbucues, beers, movies, walking around, where you feel your senssibility is possible to thrive.

There are some black ones who listen to certain songs and have certain slangs that hurt your more sophisticated views. I know how that feels.

But it is a mistake to think that can be solved repressing them.

And to the other side, I never experienced being a black one, but I know what it is to be a schizophrenic. It may sound that liberalism will solve.

Well it won´t. That will just mean the freedom of our enemies.

In my opinion, we have to tackle these ideas of healthy capitalist competition. The shit that began there in the times of Adam Smith. The social darwinism.

There is no such a thing as a healthy competition. Mankind is an equalitarian animal. The chimpanzees perhaps not, but we don´t admit by nature people with more rights.

That´s the solution. A non competitive frame.

The liberal speech is a trap. It sounds good. But it only serves the interests of the one per cent richest.

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