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The Logician

Some folks don´t need the other half. And that is not even so rare, but led the fat one to despair.

There´s nothing missing in me that I´ll find in whoever.

There was once that famous quadrupedal. Two legs of a man, two of a woman, two heads and then a God cut them in two, and now they fall in love when they find the missing half.

But that doesn´t go to everyone.

A lot of us feel complete in ourselves.

A logician may like to dialogue, but he will think by himself comfortably. No need to consult a woman.

The fat one expected to be my consultant.

And she still asks why that doesn´t happen. She felt despised, diminished.

Unnecessarily! I left her as I would have left anyone.

Logic provides a certain freedom. I´m not in the business of falling in love, putting my happiness in other people´s hands.

The fat one got it too personaly. She felt offended just because I didn´t hire her as my coach.

Well, my coach can not be a mundane person, and much less someone who confuses coaching with sexual arousement. But also important, I prefer no coach at all.

A logician is like that.

The fat one fantasises she will explain me the kind of jokes to tell a certain movie director in a certain dinner we would have there in hollywood.

But that is charm. That is the art of deceiving.

I don´t like this.

Also this troubled the fat one. She probably expected me to pretend a little more.

And she argues for that. " Who do you think you are? What is this posture of whom never lies? This is arrogance! You should play the game just as everyone! You think you are superior in this pretended sincerity! "

Well, that´s the problem! I don´t need these advices. I do well just by myself.

She will never be my consultant, that will ache to the end of her days.

It is not because I´m a chauvinist. It is because I am a logician.

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