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The machismo theory

My mother is disproportionaly jealous. Because she can not pretend well without alcohol, and sex is all of her offers, her only currency. Upon seeing a more sensible woman, first came fear, and then wrath.

All the peculiarities of my family were forgotten, in the name of common place. She unconsciously always knew the way to attack my father best, was harsh, banal words. Henceforth machismo. My father would be intimidated, out of words to defend himself. He only knows how to talk more subtly.

She doesn´t know if my father is chauvinst. My mother knows nothing,her mind is empty. But instead of fulfilling it with God, she fulfills it with anything that might sound able to reach the target: at first my father, and later me.


She was unbelievably lucky. Because the word is also dear of some psychoanalists.

That is their main point with any latino who consults them.

They don´t know Brazil so well there, but it fitted so well, so much of their experience, that they said I´d be happy the day I gave up my masculine ambitions.

That was the shibolleth!

That is their main point. Not only latinos, third world people in general, they label them chauvinists. Americans are superior because of the woman inside they let express herself.

They have some criteria. People of darker skins, or south latitude origin, are too demanding of themselves. They repress their femininity, and pay a price for that. Americans or should we say New Yorkers, are more sophisticated, they are tolerant of themselves and the others, what ultimately results in a more artistic, more interesting life.

They go as far as to say islamic terrorists are a product of the repressive islamic tradition.

However, that is only posture.

Take my case.

It is such a nonsense to say I suffer because I try to be a man I am not, that I could never even understand their point.

Probably they argue I tried to suicide because of the repressed woman inside.

I suspect they also don´t know what they are talking about.

Their idea was different. They expected they´d brainwash me. Actually, they brainwash a lot of people.

They did not notice however, I was a very good logician. The reason I now expose the fraud.

Had it been a consultation, no hurt feelings. But I was tortured upon that justification.

My jokes are not the expected in NY´s parties.

Sometimes I repeat my father.

Sometimes I quote arabs.

They assembled a plethora of jokes I told to prove their point and have a legal authorization to move forward.

But now I question this authorization.

What is the science behind?

What is the problem at the end of the day, of not being a new yorker?

I demand my freedom.

Produce in the court now the women I mistreated.

If I never abused a woman, what is the point?

Oh, I know, I am being invective, rational, the very symptons of chauvinism.

I should be less defensive,more malleable.

But not. I can not see how they could have helped me. If I just could understand how they´d make me happier, I´d open a conversation.

But sponteneity?

Or perhaps being less confident?

What the hell?

Either they produce in the court now a woman I abused, or I demand my imediate release.

Either they produce in the court a woman my father abused, or I demand my immediate release.

And why the fact that my mother is a compulsive liar took so long to become public?

Either they give a sound explanation for that, or I will start my case upon them on these grounds.

Alturism gentlemen? Honor de caballeria? Are these symptons of an ill person or of a hero?

Where are we?

Stoicism now is a disease?

Where are we?

Have you lost all sense of decency?

Is there law in the US or not?

I demand the opening of all bank data of all the psychologits supporting the machismo theory.

There´s something bleak happening.

Sure there is.

It is easy to gather proof of anything at all if you have thousands of hours of recordings.

Leave me alone!

All I ever wanted was to be far from these people.

Now beacuse I seem distant, invective, rational, some people complain, and others, as unscrupulous or worse, agree to give me some drugs able to kill a horse.

The justifiction there! The machismo theory!

Only that neither me nor my father we never molested any woman!

A man is in despair, striving all the possible for his manumission,and he is not given it, exactly beacause he fights.

I here start talking to Palas Athena.

We both have a case. It is wisdom against jealousy, greed, and dishonesty.

Someone is on the other side, I don´t know whom.

But I´ll try to fight.

I´d reach a certain girl, were I less chauvinist?

Well, all she demands is the opposite. She wants some slaping.

And even if she wanted a tolerant man, why should I be that?

I don´t like horns, I like a family, children.

No way.

I´ll only be invective. Be sure.

Rationalism and fatalism are virtues. Period. Enditem.

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