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The machismo theory

Hillary Clinton was once talking in an African country. As she finished, a local asked if that was also the opinion of her husband.

During the world cup, the narrator commented that was an interesting event, as it assembled peoples in different development stages, such as those of Togo and Switzerland, who were playing.

Sure the latter is the idiot.

Feminism is now a flag used in international propaganda. There´s no reason to think separating the tasks of men and women is wrong.

The most used argument is "feminism is cultural". As if culture was not part of human nature!

Is there a group of humans living with no culture? Does this exist?

Are we to leave all customs?

That is crazy!

But those behind this ideological warfare are not crazy, in fact they are smart. They know they can induce subliminarly the US is a superior country, with fantastic results, even in the militar field.

Feminism is easily associated with modernity and the US. People buy that. And who wants to go on the wrong way of history?

What these guys think is that they have better media partners. And so, they can spread ideas. And then, spreading the US champions feminism is an excelent strategy.

But Switzerland maybe wrong. That African maybe right.

It maybe that mankind is happier dividing the tasks. Why not?

It maybe politics is more masculine than feminine. Is there any proof that is wrong? If not, why denying literally 99 per cent of all human cultures?

Feminism will end as a shot on the foot for the American propaganda. Because men taking most of the politics probably is correct. And beneficial to the women themselves.

It will take some time. But, let´s be reasonable. This is everyone from China to Athens, through India and the Persian empire. They are all wrong? Hillary Clinton is correct and Athens and Sparta are wrong? Why should we believe her and not African sorcerers?

One way or another all cultures divide tasks, and, yes, politics is not totally man´s business but it is mostly, with some exceptions.

In my life, my mother used this fabricated idea to humiliate my defense less father their whole life.

My mother, as most of the advocates of this idea, knows nothing about what feminism might be. She only repeats the word, as she notices the tactics works!

What is feminism? What are they talking about?

Oh, rationality is a man´s resource to opress women.

What is rationality? Logics oppressess women? How?

It inhibits emotional inteligence? How?

The emotions exist, but reasonings not?

These questions are simply not answered. They are just words. But, as women in the US participate more in politics than in Africa, this is used as Amercian propaganda to hold Islam and Communism. The only thing at stake is propaganda.

There´s literally zero evidence the ancient Stoics had less empathy towards their friends or the whole mankind. And they were obviously carefull thinkers, fond of Logic, perhaps the best example we have of rational people.

Therefore, where is the contradiction between Logic and a better understanding of the emotions of those around?

It doesn´t work that way. Actually, very likely ancient Stoics were good in emotional inteligence. Socrates understands about love. And friendship. And also, there´s no justice without empathy, the numnber one Stoic value.

Saying rationalism is a defense meachanism used by chauvinists, lacks science.

Again, is there a human culture without Logic? There is not a dog without Logic.

And a carefull thinker is worse at noticing the meaning of a smile?

A carefull thinker is less likely to be sympathetic?

From the point of view of a child, what is worse, dad´s gilrfriends or mama´s lovers?

Feminism is not about a better world, it is just propaganda.

Everery culture in the world is precious. When Americans start teaching others how they should treat their women that is almost a crime, they are destroying traditions.

To paraphrase Romario, the footballer, Americans when silent are poets.

And they should be silent. The twenty first century is one of respect of the cultural diversity.

And psychologists should not be hasty to label poor opressed ones as chauvinists.

Let´s be open. Inclusive. Tolerant.

Let´s leave the times of the British empire behind.

And yes, gentlemen, yes, let´s be rational. Let´s talk openly. Straightforwardly.

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