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The seekers of freedom

There was in a far far away planet once a strange ape that began to talk and make fire.

They developed into weird civilizations, cultivating the soil and herds of animals for their food.

Although the immense majority had to endure a hard poverty, doing nothing but working from childhood to old age, whilst a few just watched and enjoyed a dozen wives, these workers would never revolt. They outnumbered a hundred to one the riches, but they would abide to suffer in silence.

This oddity intrigued their thinkers all their history, and the mystery was never solved.

But they more or less felt they belonged to the cosmos, most of them , poor and rich, and thusly had a release of the suffering, either of being poor or of being rich.

But then, at a certain time, some of them started thinking they could know more than the long tradition of their ancestors. They started breaking the rules, they were the seekers of freedom.

And the only release petered out.

They would venture sailing across the oceans, not only risking their lives, risking more, because they started asking too much from God. God would never keep the boats afloat in case of a storm, but they thought so, and so they distanced from reality.

And all of nature was no longer a wonder but something to be exploited.

And they thought there was a God approving.

They developed a taste for freedom. Those navigations were only the begining, and a metaphor of many later events.

They started marrying only the women they loved. They started to choose their professions. They started to have true hopes of climbing up of social class.

Freedom became their flag.

This was the word.

But the price paid was much higher than they suspected.

Rules broken made free the space for competition.

Unhappinness would spread among them.

Living with no rules, no longer it was possible for them to feel the cosmos.

Freedom made them paranoic.

And they could not awake from the nightmare.

But then , some observed people still of other cultures, who still married women chosen by their families, would not get paranoic by the end of the cannabis breeze.

And this was the beggining of the end of the age of freedom.

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