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The yellow light brotherhood

I founded this religion. We just, every once in a while, imagine yellow lights all over our bodies.

It is a cleansy of all thoughts and emotions, in as much as any thought is harmful.

I once called my father a dirty pig.

It was not because I saw him abusing my mother, that never happened, rather it was a perception he never cleaned his mind.

Therefore all his needs of dominating me, invading my privacy.

People meddling in my life was horrible.

In this point, I agree with Sartre: others are hell.

Indeed, I´m never left in peace.

Why do people like to invade my privacy? Where does this strage need come from?

I am with Mia Kalipha. She acted in porn movies, and now regrets.

I understand. This strange need of observing us is horrible.

My mother is so strange. She doesn´t notice the hell my life became.

In my adolescence my wish was to walk around unoticed. If I could order a beer, and the bar attender gave me without any personal word, that would be heaven.

Unbelievalbly nobody grasped that till now!

All I ever wanted was to be a common citizen, to disappear in the mob.

Thirty years ago I quoted a phrase from the Jewel in the Crown:

In India I became invisible.

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