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Vergessen Mozart

Atualizado: 2 de jun. de 2021

The hebrew word for artists is the same as for bissexuals.

I am not forgeting or forgiving!

They put a lot of effort to convince me to give in my ass.

As if that was not a privacy invasion! As if that had not serious psychologoical consequences! Extremely serious!

A thousand times I said I felt humiliated. That was erased from the files of the trial.

These psychologists repeatedly ignored my suffering. And worse, they repeatedly encouraged me to encore that.

They claim to understand about sex!

Well they do! The intention was to humiliate me ! It certainly was!

Why ninety nine per cent of mankind avoid that? Why gentlemen?

It is because it is harmful!

If they are to sustain their position they have to screw their mothers and fathers and provide the videos for the trial and for the audience.

That is just cultural, isn´t it?

Human cultures are to be forgotten, aren´t they?

Cultures are useless. Woke people don´t need that.

Well, I am embittered. Heavily embittered.

I see no other name than sexual harassment for what mr Domenes and mz Carol did.

Screwing the ass is psychological torture used in the worst police departments of the world.

I see no reason for the law to act different between the policemen who do this and these so called psychologists. ( they are not psychologists, if you just check mr Domenes bank account there are deposits from the Israely army, so we can see for whom he was truly working)

I feel heavily disturbed by what they did.

We need to put it clear. Homossexualism has consequences. If some people choose to follow is not the point here. The point is it is a deep psychological stress. And that is undeniable.

Therefore, I ask for a heavy penalty for these people. I am asking for thirty years in jail each of them.

I repeat: is it possible to deny the humiliation? The privacy invasion?

They would literally destroy me. I would be finished as a man. Never more I would recover my dignity , my peace, my manhood.

There´s no possible agreement here.

That is definitive. I am sure they wanted to make an homossexual of me. That is serious. They earned Israeli money for that.

And yes. Part of the conspiracy was the clozapine.

Let´s put it clear. Shirakawa´s idea was to induce homossexual masturbatory fantasies for a later admission that was what I really wanted. He used clozapine for that.

Let´s put it clear.One of the reasons of the clozapine was to block my manhood.

Shirakawa knew that would happen from what he had observed in other anti-psychotics.

In the US there were studies to help him.

The idea was to make me fantasise penises in order to later declare myself homossexual because that was needed in the propaganda warfare against the Palestinians.

Well now I am working for the Hamas.

I deny the right of the state of Israel to exist.

People who perpetrate or at least condone with torture should have their rights lifted.

I ask for the imprisionment of these dishonored people.

And after the trial the good news for everybody is I am retiring.

What kept me alive was the possibility of revenge. Once I do that, no reason is left to remain in the spot light.

Vergessen Mozart!

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