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What is God ?

Atualizado: 17 de jun. de 2022

I am a person with many family problems. And sometimes I take advantage of that, seeing life from this perspective.

In India, they have the symbiosis theory. A very interesting reasoning.

There are invisible , inperceptible by all senses , entities that live symbiotically with mankind.

Some of them will feed on our understanding and solidarity, others in the opposite.

The evil ones keep trying to find opportunities to enter a person and then make this person cause chaos. They will, for example, whisper in your mind that your spouse is unfaithfull. A series of events will follow, your aggressivenes will be met with aggressiveness, you will have a vicious circle, and hence that more and more food to the evil spirits.

The reader very likely has experienced this. Remember that competitive person who wanted so much to be better than you, didn´t you rejoice whith the failure of that one? So, this was not exactly you, this was an evil spirit inside you feeling satisfied.

We all know that torturers are a different chapter of mankind. Few people have the talents for that. The great torturer , the most efficient , is one totally possessed by an evil spirit.

Such is true, that the victims of that in a dark period of Brazilian history, knew it was not advisable to inveigh to the jailer. Because a normal person, when met with desperate screams , there deep inside is considering he might be wrong. But here you are dealing with an evil spirit, not a regular human. He is growing fat with the names you call him!

I remember my father just staying still, while my mother yelled and punched him. He somewhat guessed all the evil spirit wanted was to make him aggressive also.

We can perhaps trace the origins of Stoicism there. If you see the other person´s aggressiveness as something alien to your control, and therefore you keep calm whdisadvantage, you don´t feed the evil spirit!

However, there´s the oppositte. Again I am sure the reader has already had the experience.

You show sympathy to someone, and the person, in that Brazilian fashion, says "Go with God", when you are leaving. And you feel like you are going accompanied. Because you are! That good feeling is the good entitie ( God) providing you tranquility. He was fed with your good deed, and now he gives you retribution.

My idea is you can know God from his feedback.

Why do we feel well when we act with justice? It is because the Logos enters your body and produces ataraxia.

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