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Who is more human?

All my life, I´ve been hearing that the one who gives in to all sexual wishes is the best person.

That came from my mother, and psychologists.

By this theory, I was a bad person, as I refused my homossexual nature.

Well, gentlemen, you are crazy if you think I buy that.

The best one is the one who strives not to be evil, who avoids all avoidable violence.

You have to fight. You have to repress. Yes you have.

I did have homossexual wishes.

But what is more impotant?

Certainly my family. And yes, if I need to repress some thoughts to the benefit of my child I will certainly do that!

Sex is not that important, the sexual talk is not that important.

The things you would like to do in your life are not that important either.

If these were paramount, my mother would be a good person.

She is not. The living proof that the sex ideology is wrong.

The seekers of interesting lives, to the detriment of solidarity, are wrong.

To give in to sex in this manner is to lead a mundane life.

There´s a millenial knowledge of mankind that you have to follow some spirits, or gods, or something out of your body that will guide you on the good life.

It is completely different from Freud.

It is actually the opposite. A man may choose maya or brahma. All human sages opt to Brahma. But then comes Freud, and says maya is better.

Well it is not.

The survival of our biological body is maya indeed, but our spiritual body asks for Brahma.

There are superior beings. And values.

That´s what we hear from our ancestors.

I chose the path of logic in my life.

Through logic, I became detached.

A beautiful effort, where I was able to leave behind the childish competition.

But then came these people. You have to concede the ass. That is how you will be a better citizen.

They are wrong.

God is there, and he is merciful, but he demands you do some effort to reach him.

My efforts were never in the form of prayers. What might have confused some.

But I repeat. Logic made me detached, what allowed God into my mind. Even if I hadn´t noticed that.

The final criteria of these people is drug abstinence crises. Again, the criteria is wrong. This is far from a litmus test. But even in this subject. The one who wishes peace will prevail to the one who seeks action. The idea of avoiding violence will prove superior to that of conceding the ass.

I think it is highly unfair to measure me in this condition. But the irony is, even in this criteria, the religiuous person performs better than the libertarian.

And yes, logic is good. It is not to be left behind, as something damaging that free associantion, which would be the survival of the drug addicts. Logic is a guide. Humans need guides. And perhaps all guides are outside our bodies.

Living in this planet only, as those who dedicate themselves only to the search of interesting bed sharers do, is to forget these entities. And these entities are the salvation.

If you want to rehabilitate a drug addict, in my opinion, teach him he has not to compete. Competition will keep him too much on this planet. And this might be the very cause of his illness.

If he forgets that, he will be closer to the good guides.

There´s no problem at all in repressing sexual fantasies. On the opposite. That is healthy. You should have perhpas no fantasie at all. You should trust your wife and your guides will enlighten you on how to be happy. In other words, you solve that after you marry.

No person will be made better with an ideology of maya.

And sex, especially the way these people see the subject, will only damage.

There´s a choice. An ancient one. It is not all the time, but sometimes you have to choose between sex and God. Sometimes you have.

My mother is a clear example. She chose sex. And everybody can see the result.

There´s this absurd idea that the one who is happier in his sexual life is the best citizen. Well, I could confirm that. But only if you consider you have to pút sex in the second place. You will be happy on the matter if you just consider that a secondary pleausure. If you prioritize it, you´ll ruin it. The final irony,isn´t it? Because those who refrain so much importance on that, will be the ones who will get the most out of it.

They offer me a course on being bissexual, an essential condition to participate in American politics or art.

They once asked me the question. There in the past, the question was actually asked. And I responded: I deny both. The life of sensual plesusures and the life of american artists.

The yellow submarine expressed my unconscious. Only they did not hear. Or did not want to hear. Or pretended not to hear.

The idea they would brainwash me has failed.

Bye bye America!

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