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Why me?

An old man once requested me

To answer questions that are keen

Is it to be or not to be

And I replied oh, why ask me?

What do I understand about a girl dying alone at dawn in a prison cell?

What do I understand about the laugher of torturers?

The greatest irony, is I have now been tortured myself and I still know nothing about the brave man!

Fuck him!

I´m only scars and no experience

Only psychotropics and no cannabis

No girlfriend

No knowledge at all about whatever

All because the old man there says he is easied by my words

Fuck him!

Ah, but you can work in the theatre!

I don´t do gay people job!

I am a logician

And a tired one

I am actually exhausted

My whole life answering key questions I don´t even know which they are

And a strange appaluse

Here and there, when I´m sure I said nothing important, someone claps his hands

All so strange!

Like jailers praising a brave prisioner who withstands the torture

Ah, but you will have the status of a tortured one!

People don´t know, but this, which is the greatest fame of all, greater than that of the greatest artists, for a tortured means nothing

We know it is just the fame

My book doesn´t sell because it is good

It is because I´m famous

I know all the envy

All the political enemies

And mostly, I know I have not withstood anything

I was overtaken by fear and despair, and I did not fullfill my basic duties

Gentleman,I killed the little bird of my brothers!

I attacked my own father!

Fuck you all!

No fame can erase that

Gentlemen, I only wished I could forget all my life!

Couldn´t you just leave me in peace?

I lost at least three possible wives

In the name of a fame that hypnotised my mother

A mother I never had and now even less

All in the name of that dubious applause!

The meaning of life is to be tranquil

A tortured man is never

Either he remembers the torture or his fame

In both cases he is troubled

To be less troubles, but also to be more

It is artificial

We attach to God only,or we pay the price

Only mortals here

When a man resits torture, it is because he wants to be more than a mortal, and the Gods will punish him

It is better not even to think we have been tortured

So, for a man who just wants tranquility, all this effort means something?

Or have I gained most of all enemies?

Is it possible to regain the lost privacy?

Do you think I´m an idiot?

I know about the gay hackers selling videos in the black market

Is there one hollywood actor there not for his sex appeal?

Is there one writer there not abiding to certain lines of thought?

My privacy is no more

My dreams are no more

All because of pride

Because for some women their status is their husbands

They prefer death or alcoholism to lose that provider of good comments

Why me?

Suppose I had not noticed the scam

Now I´d be addicted to clozapine, and everything would be buried for ever

And I would think Shirakawa was a good man

Why me?

I know the reason for that

It was just because I was attractive

Nothing else!

They´d brainwash me and make me an insecure homossexual

Easy to be manipulated

I was right from the beginning!

I was not experienced enough for the job

Only I missed the job was my sexual image

Why me?

Now I´m not fit for the job any more!

Once I liked America

I thought Americans would understand me better

In American streets the drama of the social conflict would be less

The need to be outspoken would be less

Rationalism would be more easily accepted

Now I know they torture the prisoners just like any dictator

Now I know the scam

Aren´t these people just inventing scams all the time?

Isn´t the American democracy one big scam?

A system designed to keep things unchanged?

The rich get richer the poor get poorer?

Uncle Tom still picking cotton?

A fixed war?

Isn´t America all falsehood?

A country governed by marketers?

I´m not fit for the job any more!

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